Poll for cover + Videos of ongoing playtests

The playtest series with The Gauntlet is going very well thanks to the excellent players. Thanks, Sabine, Jim, Kierron, and Michele. 

We played three times and the next one should be the final from this series.

Apologies for the lack of session reports. 

I need to get my head around writing them and applying the lessons learned to a new update of the rules.

In the meantime, here are the videos of two of those sessions. The third will follow next week.

Gauntlet - Series 1 - Session 1 "The Rose in the Garden"

Gauntlet - Series 1 - Session 2 "Grotesque Mockey"

Poll for a new cover/promotional art

I already posted this in a couple of other places (Discords, social media...).

Apologies if you already saw this there.

I’m putting together a “placeholder” cover for Rosewood Abbey (I’ll hire an actual graphic designer once I move from draft playtest rules to something more formal). Thanks, Jim Likes Games for motivating me.

Quite simply, please tell me in the comments below what option(s) do you prefer and why? :slight_smile:

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B and then A are my favourites. There's something about the way the colours work with the image and title that is more aesthetic and vibes than the others. They all look great though


Noted. Thanks. 

I'm adding your votes to the total survey. 😊