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This draft still requires further playtesting, proofreading, editing, and reviewing by a sensitivity reader. Several sections have not been written yet. 

Feedback is solicited but please keep the above in mind and be kind. 

You can share your feedback by commenting below or directly emailing me.


Rosewood Abbey is a roleplaying game about a group of monks — members of an informal brotherhood of scholars called Fratres Herodoti — who are about to investigate a couple of mysteries. 

What lies behind those mysteries will turn out to be mundane and unrelated to each other. 

Nonetheless, at the Abbazia di Palissandro (Rosewood Abbey), the bored God-fearing monks and their flock are prone to interpret all situations as either the work of God or maleficent spirits. 

As rumors spread out of proportion, the papacy will be compelled to settle the veracity of these miracles or heresies.

The game is inspired by Umberto Eco’s novel The Name of the Rose, its 1986 film adaptation, as well as the British mystery television series Cadfael.

It is also "Carved in Brindlewood". This means it's directly adapted from the roleplaying game Brindlewood Bay with the blessing of the author, Jason Cordova

Content Warning

Rosewood Abbey is rooted in Walloon, Flemish, and European folklore. More often than not, this folklore is irreverent towards religion. The world-renowned paintings by Hieronymus Bosch offer an excellent sample of this spirit.   

The game extensively engages with the image of the Church and God as well as actions considered sinful or virtuous by Christians. This potentially includes criminal actions, blasphemy, intimate, violent, and sexual acts, or even murder. The game should be played with the explicit consent from all participants regarding the themes they’ll engage with. The use of common tabletop RPG safety tools such as the X-Card or Lines & Veils is recommended.  While in continuation of the “tradition paillarde”, the game isn’t intended as a comment on contemporary religious beliefs and practices.

Character Keeper

A Gdoc Character Keeper is available here (updated on 26/12/2023).

Please make a copy before using it.


Despite being very early in its development, this draft still has a price. 

Friendly seasoned game designers advised me that this often resulted in more interesting feedback by limiting access to enthusiasts with a substantial interest in the project. 

However, a limited number of community copies are available if some of you are interested but facing some financial hardship (I've been there myself). 


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Community Copies

I'm thankful for the generosity of fellow TTRPG designers who offer community copies of their creations. I'm glad to contribute too in a similar way. Feel free to grab one of these free copies of the "Rosewood Abbey"  playtest rules, if you're going through a difficult time. 

Nothing will make me happier than helping you forget about your worries for a couple of hours thanks to my game.


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