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Rosewood Abbey is a roleplaying game about upholding the truth no matter the consequences. 

It is inspired by Umberto Eco’s novel The Name of the Rose, its 1986 film adaptation, and the British mystery television series Cadfael.

This Carved from Brindlewood (PbtA) game is for 3 to 6 players. It works well for one-shots but truly shines for short campaigns, thanks to its unique "Rumor Mill" story-building mechanism.

The Fratres Herodoti comprise an informal brotherhood of scholars who swore an oath to knowledge and truth. The mysteries these Friars, the player characters, investigate are often mundane and unrelated to one another. 

Nonetheless, at the Abbazia di Palissandro, Rosewood Abbey, other monks, and their flock are prone to interpret situations as either the work of God or that of maleficent spirits. As rumors spread out of proportion, the papacy becomes compelled to settle the veracity of alleged miracles or heresies. 

Will the Friars uphold their oath?

Carved from Brindlewood

"Carved from Brindlewood" means that the game is directly adapted from the roleplaying game Brindlewood Bay with the blessing of the author, Jason Cordova

Content Warning

Rosewood Abbey has roots in Walloon, Flemish, and European folklore, which is often irreverent towards religion. The world-renowned paintings by Hieronymus Bosch offer an excellent sample of this spirit. This game engages with images of the Catholic Church and God, as well as actions Christians consider to be sinful or virtuous. These actions can include crimes, blasphemy, intimate and sexual acts, and violence and murder. Play only with explicit consent from all participants regarding themes they are willing to engage with, or not—see the Collaboration Sheet included in the game’s Handouts section. Use of common safety tools, such as the X-Card or Lines & Veils, is recommended. While in continuation of the tradition paillarde, European bawdy folkloric tales and songs, this game isn’t intended as a commentary on contemporary religious beliefs and practices. Rosewood Abbey is not a statement about divine interventions in our own world (nervous laugh).


This updated text features three mysteries. 

- The Rose in the Garden (expanded) 

- Mocking Grotesquery by Sean F Smith

- Fugit Inreparabile Tempus 

Character Keeper

A Gdoc Character Keeper is available here (updated on 26/12/2023).

Please make a copy before using it.


The current price reflects the game's current level of development. It will be raised once a fully laid-out version with art is available. Owners of the current version will get the updated version at no extra cost. 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Rosewood Abbey (Text Only v1.0)_Core Book_2024.03.22.pdf 2 MB
Rosewood Abbey (Text Only v1.0)_Handouts_2024.03.22.pdf 311 kB
Character Sheet (Rosewood Abbey).pdf 55 kB
Rumor Mill_Playtest v1.4 (Rosewood Abbey)_4 sessions.pdf 104 kB
Rosewood Abbey (Text Only v1.0)_Mystery 01_The Rose in the Garden_2024.03.22.pdf 85 kB
Rosewood Abbey (Text Only v1.0)_Mystery 02_Mocking Grotesquery_2024.03.22.pdf 86 kB
Rosewood Abbey (Text Only v1.0)_Mystery 03_Fugit Inreparabile Tempus_2024.03.22.pdf 89 kB

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Nothing will make me happier than helping you forget about your worries for a couple of hours thanks to my game.


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