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j'adore ce jeu. Merci beaucoup ✨

Merci pour ton enthousiasme et soutient. 



Awesome game! It's really easy to understand, it used AP examples very well, and I love how it flips a lot of sorts through and rearranges a lot of TTRPG tropes. I have a full review on TTRPGkids that breaks down a lot more detail, and I would definitely recommend - Paris Gondo 100% sparks joy, haha!

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Huge thanks for your review. 


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I cannot emphasize enough how much FUN I had playing this game! I played online, and the Miro board template included in the game was so slick and easy to use.

I also really liked the format of the game. I haven't read a game before that has a transcript of the playthrough before rules, and at first I considered skipping it to read the rules first because I thought I'd be confused, but then I thought "There's a reason the game is written this way, so I'll read it from the beginning and if I get confused, I can always skip to the end." But I was delighted to find that I understood the game really well from reading the transcript, and then reading the rules after just clarified things even more.

This game DEFINITELY sparked joy!

Edit: I've included the video of my playthrough!

Huge thanks for this enthusiastic review and for streaming a session of the game on Twitch. 

Feel free to to post here a permanent link to the video of your session. 


I just edited my comment to include the video, thank you so much!




This game was SO much fun to play! I wrote a review but also want to comment to tell anyone looking at it to buy it! I can't wait to play again with friends new to TTRPGs!

(also I learned the title is much more funny when you say it frenchly rather than overly north american with an aggressive s sound on the end)


Thanks for this encouraging review. 


I seize the opportunity to point out that a physical edition is now available via The Rolistes Big Cartel store. 



Paris Gondo - The Life-Saving Magic of Inventorying's title is a pun on a popular TV show. Instead of focusing on the adventurers' epic battles, this game is about inventory management and holding onto loot that sparks joy.

Thanks for your comment and noticing the pun. 



I was honestly and pleasantly surprised by the GonParis Method, a much deeper and very solid game lies beneath that facade of light-hearted parody.

It sparked a lot of joy at the table.


Huge thanks for this encouraging feedback. 


It's a bit frustrating how the parody/comedy aspect is the easiest to pitch but then I don't get the message across that the system can support cool stories. 

I guess running more and more game demonstrations is the best way to get that message across. 



This might just be the perfect one shot group game!

It took me far to long for the pun penny to drop, but the game passed the ‘ranting to my partner about how we need to get a group together ASAP’ test with alacrity!

Includes a full write up of a playthrough of the game/ “replay” from Session Zero to completion (my new favorite thing in games), as well as the full breakdown of the rules and mechanics, Play-Aids and Card Decks, which can be printed and cut out or used in PDF form.

Charming in universe intro with reviews of the The GonParis Method.

The Replay is an absolute delight to read and really captures the fun and gameplay in an engaging and entertaining manner. It’s worth the asking price on its own! 

The is a six-step game encompassing, dealing with safety tools and tone, creating your band of adventures and the dungeon and boss you just vanquished, making up loot and generating its stats, acting out the exchange and bargaining of the loot, playing out the dangerous journey home, and finally, determining the satisfaction and fulfilment of the character’s lives based on their feelings towards their goodies.

The rules are simple to follow and well explained with all manner of improvising and fun to be had at every step and I am absolutely sold!

The Ready-to-play Miro Board template features all the Play-aids and Card Decks. Copy it in your own Miro board and you will have everything you need to play is perfect for online play and most certainly sparks joy. 

The addition of art from Bodie Hartley ( is absolutely glorious and fits the vibe of the game perfectly. 

In my review of the text-only version, I raised an concern about a sapient person, Phillipa the Fae, being dungeon loot in the replay, which has been addressed. In the new version she has been changed to Phillipa the Fae's Scrying Mirror of Long Distance Relationships through which she can communicate. 

This is one of those 'how was not already a thing?' things because it's such a great, fun idea it seems like it should always have existed!


I'm eternally grateful for your enthusiasm and support. 

This sparks joy.