More Reviews of “Paris Gondo - The Life -Saving Magic of Inventorying”

It’s great to hear from a growing number of people who read the Text-only Edition “Paris Gondo - The Life -Saving Magic of Inventorying”.

Here a couple of them who went the extra mile and posted about their impressions.

Erik Bernhardt aka Erik the Bearik, and author of Brinkwood, made a long Twitter thread about Paris Gondo as part of his return to #ReviewJam. The thread is quite exhaustive with screenshots and even some complementary information that I replied with. If you are not a fan of Twitter, you can find Erik’s thread as a Thread Reader summary.

Next, we have a review by Sean " The Nerdd" TaskerSean goes through each of the six steps of the GonParis Method.

Finally, Seamus Connelly wrote an article on Cannibal Halfling Gaming that combines his views of the game with my answers to a handful of questions. Answering those questions was an opportunity for me to reflect on what shaped the game.

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