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My friend facilitated a game last night. I enjoyed it a whole lot, but it is in my nature and vocation to be critical and the host suggested I leave a comment. 


The mechanics break into a series of tight three part structures and the lightly comedic narrative combines with the "Gondo's" advice to make for a cohesive whole. The timing seems like it should be all over the place, but it feels like it actually will consistently fall into between an hour and two hours of play. The card layout is clear and understandable, if not yet particularly evocative. 

Our adventure featured lowly workers at Disney World sent in by management to decommission the haywire robots in the sunken Hall of Presidents. Our personal camaraderie helped support play and moved into a gonzo-comedy space that was satisfying, even if you were not able to escape the park.


Coming into the game the very broad possibilities as to the theme, genres, and so on seem like they should be a strength, but the lack of clear expectations makes the game feel uncomfortable at the start in a way that does not really support its overall themes and structure. The chief thing that seems to be lacking is the concept of a playset. Magpie used these in Zombie World and the new edition of Urban Shadows, basically an overarching context that establishes the initial borders of play. The rolling table can help with this, but many players would prefer an established framework. It would not really take much, just a series of prompts that lay out the theme and the story so far. More complex ones could substitute different character sets rather than re-envisioning that fantasy tropes in a different genres.

It is a little unclear why you are effectively rolling to escape twice (once as a party and once as an individual). It feels like the risk/reward of Usefulness and Encumbrance rolls should have a greater degree of differentiation between them. 

While I appreciate being introduced to new software, Miro feels unnecessarily complicated to me. It may be my own biases, but I would prefer to set the game up on Google Slides like Jiang-Shi instead.

Thank you so much for your feedback. 

I love hearing from people playing the game.

Regarding your wishes....

Coming into the game the very broad possibilities as to the theme, genres, and so on seem like they should be a strength, but the lack of clear expectations makes the game feel uncomfortable at the start in a way that does not really support its overall themes and structure.

I was hoping that the "Setup - Session Zero" would an opportunity for the players to agree about these sort of things. However, it tends indeed to take place later in a more chaotic fashion at "Step 1 - The Dungeon". 

I will probably develop alternative Adventurers card decks and the "dungeon" generator table to support different settings (space opera, post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk...). Have those to pick from might help the players frame more clearly their expectations.

One thing I regret about playing online is that when we played Paris Gondo in person, we would often play several sessions in the same evening. I find the format of the game allows that, and I noticed that the second and third session tend to be more creative as players are on top of what their object stats mean. Players would often "reskin" their Startin Inventory Cards on the second and third session. I'll Zombie Magpie's work. Thanks for the advice.

It is a little unclear why you are effectively rolling to escape twice...

One roll is to get out of the Dungeon together and the other is the road between the Dungeon and the Adventurer's home.

While I appreciate being introduced to new software, Miro feels unnecessarily complicated to me.

I never used Google Slides. Before I was introduced to Miro, I couldn't find a way to run the game online as it requires the ability to fill in cards and then exchange them. The Appendix of the game includes a link to link the assets needed to run the game with any VTT that you might be more familiar with. I'll have a look at Google Slides once the updated card decks and play aids are available.

Thanks again for your feedback. I hope you will play many other sessions.




This might just be the perfect one shot group game!

It took me far to long for the pun penny to drop, but the game passed the ‘ranting to my partner about how we need to get a group together ASAP’ test with alacrity!

Includes a full write up of a playthrough of the game/ “replay” from Session Zero to completion (my new favorite thing in games), as well as the full breakdown of the rules and mechanics, Play-Aids and Card Decks, which can be printed and cut out or used in PDF form.

Charming in universe intro with reviews of the The GonParis Method.

The Replay is an absolute delight to read and really captures the fun and gameplay in an engaging and entertaining manner. It’s worth the asking price on its own! However, I am somewhat uncomfortable about a sapient creature being ‘loot’ in the example.

The is a six-step game encompassing, dealing with safety tools and tone, creating your band of adventures and the dungeon and boss you just vanquished, making up loot and generating its stats, acting out the exchange and bargaining of the loot, playing out the dangerous journey home, and finally, determining the satisfaction and fulfilment of the character’s lives based on their feelings towards their goodies.

The rules are simple to follow and well explained with all manner of improvising and fun to be had at every step and I am absolutely sold!

Thanks for your feedback. It makes me very happy to read that you enjoyed the game. I'd love to read more about your adventures banishing clutter. 

Thanks for your comment regarding Phillipa The Fae. I might need to amend the Replay if it comes across poorly, despite her seemingly keeping the upper hand on the Wizard enthralled by her charms. 


You're more than welcome! I absolutely love the game and the write up is glorious! 

For me, the issue around Phillipa surrounds her being framed as loot and owned by the party in the same way the magic horse and dagger are. I think it is perhaps just an unfortunate choice as an example. I could totally see NPCs being something that could be included in the expanded Kickstarter (which I'm unbelievably HYPE for!), but they would need to be handled with more care and agency than items. 

Keep up the awesome work! 

I applied changes to the text which frees Philippa from her captivity and status as literal loot.

What the Adventurers found instead is "Philippa The Fae’s Scrying Mirror of Long Distance Relationships". Instead of literally finding her, it's a device that allowed her and Malakazam to fall for one another.

I altered the rest of the text to reflect that change as well.

I made a DevLog about it and updated the PDF for the core book.


Thanks again for your feedback.

You're more than welcome! I look forward to checking it out. Thank you for taking my comments on board. Wishing you every success. This game is a belter!


A fantastic game about inventory management and the relationship between adventurers, loot, and journeys. Full readthrough here:

Thanks for this thread Erik. It makes me very happy that you enjoyed the game. ❤️


We read and reviewed this recently and are IN LOVE!

Read the review here:

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Awww... Thanks so much for writing the first ever review of this book. 

I repost here the little bit of trivia I shared on Twitter. 

I do pronounce the "s" in Paris both in French and English when it's used as a first name (as Paris Hilton or Paris of Troy). Actually, most French-speakers do as far as I know. 

I picked that name because it sounds close but not too much to Marie (as in Marie Kondo) but also because it's gender neutral. 😯

I'm not sure anymore if it's in the book but part of Paris Gondo's story is that, one day, they left their physical form when they realised it did not spark joy in them. 

That's fantastic : )


The day has come! I have been waiting to play since our last game at Nerd Burger con! Cannot wait to play this with friends in our digital game space :D


Please do let me how about any session you run. 


I really cannot wait to hear about people playing Paris Gondo without me.


Played this game with some friends and Kalum and I loved it. Finally it's here.


Thanks for your purchase. <3

I hope you'll play many more sessions now that you have the game. 


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Thank you for making such an entertaining RPG.



Thank you a lot for this amazing rpg.

We played several games  together and I hope we'll play a lot more.

Now I'm so exciting to share this fun with my friends. ^^


I cannot wait to hear about games that you will run with your friends. 

I promise also to work on a French translation ASAP.